Love is Power - Klaroline Story

Love is Power - Klaroline Story

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Caroline finally gave Klaus her confession about her feelings and make him promise to never get back, and he is keeping his promise.
She still likes him, but she is too insecure to go after him because she thinks that maybe she is just another girl and if she goes after him, she thinks that she will find him with another girl prettier and smarter than her…

Klaus is with Elijah, Kol and Rebekah in New Orleans. He already got is throne back, but he still has his heart empty. A few weeks ago he found out that Ansel, his biological father is back from the dead, but he had afraid to open to him and get hurt, so order him to get away from him. Kol, Elijah and Rebekah told him that he being here could be a good thing, but Klaus didn’t listen to them.
After Ansel heard Klaus tell him to get away, he decided to go to Mystic Falls and asked Caroline for help, because when he was in the Other Side, he was always next to Klaus and saw how Klaus trusts her.

Is Caroline going to help Ansel? Is Klaus start to trust Ansel? If Caroline helps Ansel, is she going to try to get together with Klaus?
P.S.: In my story, there’s somethings different: 1) Klaus never slept with Haley, so there is no Hope. 2) Caroline’s mother died but she never turn it off. 3) Caroline doesn’t have a thing for Stefan or Stefan for her. 4) Bonnie and Damon were always alive. 5) Kai never existed. 5) Katherine didn’t die.

I hope you guys liked…

Lillyfox5522 Lillyfox5522 Mar 27, 2018
I thought I said that he was klaus son and I was like WAIT HOLD THE PHONE
TumblrWriterGoddess TumblrWriterGoddess Jan 03, 2016
The Fosters actually is a good show, if not addicting like all the shows I watch. Lol
Delena36100 Delena36100 Nov 27, 2018
Me voilà de retour sur une autre de tes histoires et je sent que je vais l adorer aussi