Royal Criminal-Levi x Reader-

Royal Criminal-Levi x Reader-

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  Grabbing the mossy pipe, I pulled myself onto the rooftop. Running from the cops was my daily exercise. I ran, jumping over bars and broken boards.

  "Over there, get her." I looked behind me and saw two police man, aiming their guns at me. I came to the end of the roof. The next jump is too high for someone as short as me. I looked down. Definitely too high to jump from here. I took my chance and fell onto someone's fire escape.

  Jumping from there, I ran out of the dark alley. Everything was in slow motion.

"Oof." I fell to my butt, opening my eyes and glaring at the person who fell in front of me.

  Surprisingly, it was a boy my age. Gray eyes and a dark raven undercut. What is a thirteen year old boy doing, walking the dark streets alone? Who should I be the one to complain? I'm thirteen and running from the cops.

  The cops... I got up after apologizing to the scowling boy, running from the men with tasers and cuffs. I ran, pushing anybody in my way. I did a sharp turn int...

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Akuma6059 Akuma6059 Jul 22, 2017
Ya need to do some editing to this story, this and after has a whole lotta mistakes.
SkylarBrookes9 SkylarBrookes9 Sep 18, 2017
Please work on you're grammar it's literally giving me anxiety. Other than that good job keep updating 👍
TheGamersMelody TheGamersMelody Jul 14, 2017
Horse face really?
                              Out of all the people in the cadets it's horses face.
                              We have horrific taste in men.
Sammy_Gaming Sammy_Gaming Jul 01, 2017
U jelly jealous? I think the short excuse of a man iiiiiiis~ actually Im..., shorter than levi
Phoenix_Undead Phoenix_Undead Jul 13, 2017
'The most known criminal ever known'
                              'T h e m o s t k n o w n c r I m i n a l e v e r k n o w n'
                              'ThE MOsT kNoWN cRIMinAl eVEr KnOwN'
Vikiisbored Vikiisbored Oct 11, 2016
Because my name is.      
                              JOHN CENA!!!!