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Royal Criminal-Levi x Reader-

Royal Criminal-Levi x Reader-

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AnimeArtist4Life By AnimeArtist4Life Completed

  Grabbing the mossy pipe, I pulled myself onto the rooftop. Running from the cops was my daily exercise. I ran, jumping over bars and broken boards.

  "Over there, get her." I looked behind me and saw two police man, aiming their guns at me. I came to the end of the roof. The next jump is too high for someone as short as me. I looked down. Definitely too high to jump from here. I took my chance and fell onto someone's fire escape.

  Jumping from there, I ran out of the dark alley. Everything was in slow motion.

"Oof." I fell to my butt, opening my eyes and glaring at the person who fell in front of me.

  Surprisingly, it was a boy my age. Gray eyes and a dark raven undercut. What is a thirteen year old boy doing, walking the dark streets alone? Who should I be the one to complain? I'm thirteen and running from the cops.

  The cops... I got up after apologizing to the scowling boy, running from the men with tasers and cuffs. I ran, pushing anybody in my way. I did a sharp turn int...

Akuma6059 Akuma6059 13 hours ago
Ya need to do some editing to this story, this and after has a whole lotta mistakes.
Horse face really?
                              Out of all the people in the cadets it's horses face.
                              We have horrific taste in men.
U jelly jealous? I think the short excuse of a man iiiiiiis~ actually Im..., shorter than levi
'The most known criminal ever known'
                              'T h e m o s t k n o w n c r I m i n a l e v e r k n o w n'
                              'ThE MOsT kNoWN cRIMinAl eVEr KnOwN'
M4rshM3lloSlushii M4rshM3lloSlushii Aug 06, 2016
Hi all of you beautiful people on the internet!!!!!!!!!! •﹏•
Vikiisbored Vikiisbored Oct 11, 2016
Because my name is.      
                              JOHN CENA!!!!