It was a dream, yet reality. Time seemed to move faster then it should. A dream world, yes, a dream world that simple shouldn't exist. Yet it does, and we all live there, and when you live in a dream world you're damned to meet some dream people.
I absolutely love this! I only read the beginning and it really lured me in. Keep it up. Maybe you can follow me and read one of my stories
Absolutely unique concept and amazing writing... Good job :)
You're so talented!! I love this story.
                                    The book cover is amazing.
                                    PS: Portuguese reader here!!
Wow. Such imagery! "It was a terrible feeling, to hate one's self for caring for another." Stunning.
                                    "She spun pretty hopes out of rotten yarn, wrapped herself in them..." Gorgeous.
                                    I am in love with this!
That was sad and the message made me understand more the author is talented and I feel bad for her
After reading the author's note, wow. So talented, the way the story is a metaphor, and lets us interpret it each in a different way.