Strength ~An Amourshipping Story

Strength ~An Amourshipping Story

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Astrid Chang By TheDreamRider Completed

On the day the Pokémon Academy in the Kanto region receives a new student, normal days soon turn to dangerous ones. Serena Yvonne forever changes the life of herself and another certain boy.

If your interested, read on! And enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon!

  • action
  • adventure
  • amourshipping
  • ashxserena
  • pokemon
  • romance
  • satosere
Brawler883 Brawler883 May 03, 2017
Her first starter. Wouldn't want to confuse it with her second or third STARTER.
TheReaderOfAll59 TheReaderOfAll59 May 24, 2017
Nice opening. It's hard to find stories with actual damn English in them instead of words strewn across a page with no sense of story or grammar.
shadowrider676 shadowrider676 Nov 14, 2016
Wait if we get eggs from chickens that means the get eggs from........
Unknown192662 Unknown192662 Jun 26, 2016
Dawn tho "he was just my FIRST starter" what do you mean? Do you have more? Also I like how every single person form all the games is here in kanto.... Oh well really good chapter
IanKhoo8 IanKhoo8 Jul 15, 2015
First impressions: 
                              Eh.... You kinda have too much dialogue and not enough time to set the scene,  it's unescessary for you to add about not knowing Fennekin's gender, it ruins the atmosphere.