The Monster of the Mountains{Fairy Tail}(GaLe)

The Monster of the Mountains{Fairy Tail}(GaLe)

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Captain Nerdy By Nerdy_4_Life Completed

According to the locals, there lives a hideous and dangerous beast up in the deepest cave of the stone mountains. Levy McGarden, a new resident of the small village, refuses to believe them. To prove herself right and them wrong, she ventures off to the mountains, but what awaits her is beyond what she could possibly imagine.


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AlexmFlame AlexmFlame May 08
4th time reading is and its still one of the best gale book ever!
Londie12-11 Londie12-11 Jul 28, 2016
Chicaaaaaa noooo your supposed to be sorta black( following stereotypes) girl don't be that one group of teenagers in a horror film
DarkWolf2418 DarkWolf2418 Jun 20, 2016
Well when you put it like that it sounds ridiculous BUT im not a liar and am not gonna say any of that, this is fairy tail and dragon human hybrids are normal
ZoeIsHerePeeps ZoeIsHerePeeps Jun 22, 2016
Well, Erza reads what is equivalent to 50 Shades of Gray so......
You caught my attention when you said he could become human, a humanoid dragon, AND a dragon.
jaddywady jaddywady Mar 05
Noooo, Levy will be safe, after all, Gajeel is really strong and powerful, he will protect her!