Her Blood His Obsession (Book 2)

Her Blood His Obsession (Book 2)

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Sarah Royal (Royal888) By royal888 Completed

(Highest Rank: #17 Adventure on 2nd December 2015 & #167 Paranormal 1st June 2016)

This is the sequel to Book 1 (Her Heart His Obsession).

Days are darker. Much darker than anyone could ever imagine.

Dante is out to make the whole world suffer with his magical powers and invade territory after territory expading his Ronas laws to all continents. He wants Athena to come back to him at all costs. He goes after her with all he has.

Would Athena be there for those who need protection from her blood match?

How long can Athena avoid Dante and getting forced into returning to him?

How much hope is out there? Is there anyone powerful enough to stop Dante or eveything is about to get worse? Much worse?

Note: Cover by @Winchestered_

caut1ouslyopt1m1st1c caut1ouslyopt1m1st1c Dec 23, 2015
Thank you so much for dedicating this to me. I love your stories so much! :)
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
The pacing was on point. I really want to find out what happens next! I loved it! I felt everything flowed really well.
abbc123456 abbc123456 Jul 11, 2015
If only Dante would listen to someone, it's such an infuriating situation! He would be much better off with his relationship with Athena if he listened to Demetrious.
DevettaMccray DevettaMccray Jul 10, 2015
Dante is pissed and needs help 
                              He needs to meet his match 
                              Athena needs to never be found 
                              And Dante is heartless so how can he talk about love
sanddry86x sanddry86x Jul 10, 2015
I kind of wish Demetrious would have went with Athena and his blood match. There's nothing to be gained by staying with Dante and knowing him he'll try to use Demetrious against his blood match to draw them out.