Humanity's Strongest Sibling [Jean x Reader x Eren]

Humanity's Strongest Sibling [Jean x Reader x Eren]

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-Senpai-Chan- By -Senpai-Chan- Updated Jul 05

Your name is (F/N) Ackerman, the sister of Humanity's Strongest Clean Frea- I mean Soldier, Levi Ackerman. A tragic accident happened when you were younger and living in the Undergrounds with Levi, Farlan, and Isabel. 

After being 'rescued' by Erwin Smith and taken to the Survey Corps because of your flawless skill in fighting and 3DGM, you meet 2 guys while training the new cadets. 

Eren Jeager and Hors- I mean Jean Kirstein. They both fall in love with you, but you are oblivious to that. You always hung out with Levi which got suspicion from both teens. 

What happens when they both confess their feelings to you? What will you do when one breaks your heart? Who will you chose to spend your life with? 

Read to find out more my kawaii cinnamon rolls! Until next time~ -Senpai-Chan_

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