The Studies of a Gay Punk (Destiel AU) (Punk!Castiel) (Nerd!Dean)

The Studies of a Gay Punk (Destiel AU) (Punk!Castiel) (Nerd!Dean)

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Tyler Barnes By ASliceOfDeansPie Updated Jul 29, 2015

Dean has spent his whole life studying and studying, hoping to get his Masters degree. He dreams of one day being an aerospace engineer, as he's been fascinated by the field since he was a kid. He's always had a bright mind and a bright future, perfect grades, a perfect girlfriend, overall, a perfect life.

Until the punk came along.

Castiel, the school punk. He's spent his whole life slacking off, not giving a damn about his future. Living his life on the edge, basically being a troublesome teen.

Until he meets his polar opposite.

Dean and Castiel both learn things from one another, be it learning to focus your mind on your future, or learning to loosen up and live a little, or possibly learning something about themselves that neither of them had ever considered before.

I can't stop thinking this is what is must have been like when Marty first met Doc
Spoopy67 Spoopy67 Oct 10
My soul just descended into the ninth circle off hell and my mind got kicked further into the gutter
This boy you just met on the street, cmon Dean you just thought this
BrodieLL BrodieLL Oct 16
The ink on my skin is biro so not very permanent. Story of my life 😭😂