I'll Forgive When I Forget (Completed)

I'll Forgive When I Forget (Completed)

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Parish By parishkay Completed

I had finally pinned her down in the same position as last time but I hooked my feet under her thighs and bent my head down to where we were face to face. We were both breathing hard and her eyes were wide. She wiggled a little trying to get out of my grasp but to no avail. She stopped all together and looked back at me. Before I knew what I was doing, my lips clung to hers devouring her into a hungry kiss. To my surprise she kissed back just as hungry. My grip loosened and my hands went down to cup her cheeks. But before I could ask for entrance she flipped us over and was now on top.

"I don't loose." And with that said, she got up and walked out of the gym. I sat there for awhile thinking. Did I just kiss Alexa? The girl I've been dreaming about since I met her 4 years ago? The girl that everyone wanted but couldn't get because of Blake. He was a good friend no one wanted to back stab and they looked happy together... I wonder what happened

***WARNING: My book contains sexual content, abuse and adult language. Don't read if your are easily disturbed***

BrittneyShearer BrittneyShearer Jul 27, 2015
This is the second book of yours I'm reading. It sounds great, I can't wait