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Rise From the Ashes (Akatsuki no Yona ~ Yona of the Dawn) EDITING

Rise From the Ashes (Akatsuki no Yona ~ Yona of the Dawn) EDITING

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✿  Winny ✿ By xYaoYaox Updated Apr 02, 2016

Yuri lived a luxurious life being the cousin to the Emperor's daughter. In other words, Soo-Won's younger sister. The four of them, Haku, Soo-Won, Yona, and Yuri, were close friends since childhood... until the betrayal of Soo-Won. Yona and Haku are forced to flee the castle. The transition in lifestyle will not be easy for them. Yuri is having just as difficult of a time as she sits in the dungeon while the remainder of her life is being counted down.

(Did you see what I did with the cover? Pretty clever, huh? What, no? Okay... Anywho, enjoy the story!)

*Made in June something 2015*


nanami77 nanami77 Feb 22, 2016
I'm here trying to draw anime and your like " BISH PLEASE! I can do better than you as you can see! " XD
RinAresawa RinAresawa Jan 01
I was so confused until I realized the author was talking about Hak
xBunte xBunte Feb 13, 2016
Because you're equally spoiled as Yona, though hopefully, you'll mature as well. 
                              Otherwise I have to resist the urge to choke you during every chapter.
nanami77 nanami77 Feb 22, 2016
No! Make it stop! Your drawing are blinding my eyes with their awesomeness! XD
Dragon_Rider_Jazz Dragon_Rider_Jazz Aug 14, 2016
Because you're too precious for this world, Yuri-chan. BUT DON'T WORRY!! I can't protect you from its harsh realities, that would be bad for your character development.
xBunte xBunte Feb 13, 2016
Omg that reminds me. xD Back when I was 5 (or something) our fire alarm went off and I managed to stay asleep during the whole thing, gladly my parents carried me out of the house.