You're Awfully Honest for a Liar [Stopped]

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T. Gems By munificence Updated a year ago
Meridian has aways been a cold and distant person. She doesn't like to talk much and hates being touched by someone.   The only one close to her is her roommate, Alba. The reason might be because she goes to an elite boarding school in London for spies.   Of course, no one knows of this school and is portrayed as an all-girls boarding school for geniuses.  They were trained to fight, to spy and to lie like the best.  So what happens when her boarding school becomes co-ed?  She meets Jace. A handsome, mysterious and arrogant guy who seems to be able to look right through her cold mask. But is it enough for her to be able to trust him?  Before Jace her life made sense, she knew what was right and what was wrong, she what was left and what was right.   But that all changes and now her life is turned and tossed so that she doesn't even know who to trust anymore or who to believe.  Is everyone who they say they are?   Can she really show herself to Jace?   Is Jace the good guy or the bad guy?  And the biggest question of all ... Is everything she knows a lie?  Meridian only has two choices in her life.   To lie or be lied to. What would you choose?
I remember this line from a book. Can't remember the book's name! Haha but I still love this!
@TessaGems Hi! I just saw your reply now, sorry. LOL. No problem! You're welcome! :DD
I really like your descriptions! It makes me want to read (which I will! xD) oh, and I saw the character is Jace :)) do you read TMI?? What about Meridian (the book)?? haha! probably don't get me...anyway, I'll read this! *voted!* xD
This is so funny :D Great start, and I'd be reading the next chapter if it wasn't the middle of the night... gah, I should've read this sooner.
I love it! And in agree-ance... (is that a word?) Moral instruments is an awesome series!!!!!
                                    ~ Tessie
This is very unique, I havent read anything quite like this! You do a very good job and have a very good blend of description and dialogue :) Keep this up!
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