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They're Alive?! (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

They're Alive?! (A Harry Potter Fanfic)

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Wisdom's Daughter By AnimeAddict1059 Updated Aug 09, 2016

James and Lily didn't die. They went to an all adults gathering when Voldemort attacked. Dumbledore took Harry away from them after he defeated Voldemort and told the couple that their son perished with the Dark Lord and Harry was left with the Dursleys, growing up knowing that his parents died in a car crash. What will happen when he gets his Hogwarts letter? Will fate try and reunite this broken family? Or will Dumbledore try and break them up for 'the greater good'?

miss_party miss_party Mar 21, 2016
The entire plot of this book is wrong @AnimeAddict1059 the only reason Harry lived is because Lily cast herself in front of Harry. So, if any readers here are hardcore fan girls they will shun you. Goodbye. 
                              *swaggers out of the room*
Sarahcj03 Sarahcj03 Jun 19, 2016
...if we sacrifice everything for a cause, we tend to become a spokesperson instead of a lover, an organizer instead of a wife, a mouthpiece instead of a mother. I gave everything else away in the name of a greater good, but look how many people I hurt. -Amy Harmon
noaniko999 noaniko999 Feb 02
How did it rebound? I thought Lily wasn't there... If she wasn't there than she didn't cast herself between Voldemort and Harry and he wouldn't have been protected.
Sarahcj03 Sarahcj03 Jun 19, 2016
I just was wondering if you were going to incorporate a second child into this book. J.K. Rowling said that Lily was pregnant with a second child when she died. It's okay if you don't  I was just curious if you were going to.
AnimeAddict1059 AnimeAddict1059 Aug 08, 2015
Why would there be a Boy Who Lived when they thought that Harry died in the first place? They didn't know. No one knew except Dumbledore
Princess-of-the-Pen Princess-of-the-Pen Aug 08, 2015
One question: wouldn't the Potters have heard news about The-Boy-Who-Lived?