Dirty/Smut Game of Thrones Imagines

Dirty/Smut Game of Thrones Imagines

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SPNGrier By SPNGrier Updated Sep 01, 2015

This is my first Game of Thrones imagine, and of course I'm doing Jon Snow. He's my husband. I decided to start writing smut for GOT, because there is barely any, and that sucks for all of us fans. Anyway, comment, vote & let me know what you think! Comment who you want next. Enjoy (; 

Song: Infinity - The xx (A must while reading this), Together - The xx

Jon layed in bed, thinking of how he'd tell you he was going to the nights watch. He didn't know if you'd be happy for him, or cry and beg him to stay. Although Jon wasn't in a relationship with you, he always wanted to be. You were beautiful, smart and kind. Someday you'd be the perfect wife for a lucky man. And Jon Snow knew it'd never be him, no matter how bad he wished it was. 

He got out of bed, putting his clothes back on. He grabbed longclaw and put it in his scabbard (sword holder). He needed to get used to bringing his sword everywhere, it could be costly if he didn't at the wall. Jon walked through the halls, finding hims...

Can you imagine if someone came in while this is happening? I mean, I'M OK WITH THIS (obviously, because I am reading this embarrassingly...) but I'm shy enough that being caught would probably be the death of me.
Please do a rhaegar one I mean he  must be frikking gorgeous
Burr-Baby-Burr Burr-Baby-Burr Oct 23, 2016
MaxLouise MaxLouise Jan 20
Wouldn't it be funny if we were still in  season 1 and then there is already smut about Bran 😂😂😂
jae_snow jae_snow Jun 13, 2016
Jojen Reed, Bran Stark, Jaime Lanister, Jon Snow, Jon Snow, and more Jon Snow.
                              Also maybe some more Robb or Bronn