Silent But Deadly

Silent But Deadly

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Val By Inspired-By-Many Updated Dec 09, 2016

There is a legend of a girl.... Karoi Kurosawa

At the age of 3 she was abandoned deep inside the Kuro forest. Karoi hoped for someone to find her and bring her home. but as time pass she slowly lost hope.

Karoi had only one friend. And he was the reason why her family abandoned her. Bael was a demon. No one can see Bael. Only Karoi. 

He taught her everything there is to being a ninja. Karoi all alone with Bael was becoming insane hearing many voices in her head.

She soon realized that many demons could speak to her telepathically. 

If anyone were to step into the Kuro Forest, they would never see light again. Some say that Karoi is responsible, That she kills them so she can feed the hungry demons beneath the Kuro Forest.

During those two years of darkness Karoi changed. 

What will happen when Danzo finds her and take her with him back to Konoha? 

 What will Karoi do once she sees no escape? 

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto of it's characters.

Sniper_Chick02 Sniper_Chick02 Aug 18, 2016
Kuro Omagatoki is my characters name in my Naruto fan fiction...
Siblings:Remind's us of someone -all stare at me-
                              Me:-Is setting stuff on fire- It was Jackie!
SweetHeartfilia SweetHeartfilia Oct 09, 2016
Rekt m8
                              Now you can't stick your head in other people's business...
Dranonson Dranonson Sep 10, 2016
I love the fact that Bael can just kill people in front  of Karoi just fine. Karoi doesn't even seem to try and stop him.  And then Karoi isn't even angry at him (know this because I read the next couple paragraphs after this one)
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Oct 18, 2016
Awesome that's what I'd do to people if they treated someone I cared about badly, though less deadly. I'd Especially do it if I was in an anime
QuakeGamerGirl QuakeGamerGirl Oct 05, 2016
Aww! Would ya look at that!! Bael and I have the same hobbies!!