Pokemon High School (Amourshipping)

Pokemon High School (Amourshipping)

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The Sequel to "Pokemon Junior High ~Young Love~"

 Serena, now at the age of 16 has been living her normal High school life until the person she had a crush on in childhood comes back, Ash Ketchum. Does she still have the same feelings for him? And does he have the same feelings for her? Most of all, what happened while Ash was gone?

[Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of these characters]

* Started somewhere in July of 2015 *
* Ended Sep. 26, 2015 *

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rikusp2002 rikusp2002 Jan 10
Actually I like Mathematics The most and hate Social Studies (Only the Civics Part)
hiya2810 hiya2810 Jan 11
The black sphere is a POKEBALL honey. It's not so hard to say. Po-ke-ball
rikusp2002 rikusp2002 Jan 10
My Full Tummy was empty at once after reading the menu for dinner.
StellarSpiritEspeon StellarSpiritEspeon Mar 13, 2017
For Social Studies my teacher always make me do projects. PROJECTS FOR FINALS!! AHHGHG
Potato455 Potato455 Jun 15, 2017
Thats so cute!Seeing Feneking waiting for her master is truly beautiful
user86713960 user86713960 Aug 17, 2017
Ohh...I wanna see Serena's Face when Ash comes back...But I cant read that now..Cause my Mom is gonna kill me if I dont Study...Wattpad is Seriously addicting me...