Pokemon High School (Amourshipping)

Pokemon High School (Amourshipping)

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The Sequel to "Pokemon Junior High ~Young Love~"

 Serena, now at the age of 16 has been living her normal High school life until the person she had a crush on in childhood comes back, Ash Ketchum. Does she still have the same feelings for him? And does he have the same feelings for her? Most of all, what happened while Ash was gone?

[Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of these characters]

urbalink urbalink Mar 31
For once, I don't have ANY witty remarks to make, and it doesn't seem like I'll be hitting my 100 word benchmark- I spoke too soon...
She said the same thing in the first one, just not about highschool 😕😕
The profanity XD this what I expect from teens in high school
I relate to this very much, I have my classes I don't really like and than Social Studies comes along and its awesome
GarchompReplica456 GarchompReplica456 Oct 03, 2015
I dont know man.........What if i just never find out who is a good boy?
TheAmourshipper TheAmourshipper Jul 09, 2015
The story is starting out great. I love the idea of giving Serena her new design. Can't wait for Ash to show up, then it will get really interesting.
                              Are you going to update as frequent as your last story?