The Academy Lovers

The Academy Lovers

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Lucy Dragneel By MageLucyDragneel Updated Jul 25, 2016

Natsu is popular, hot, and confident. Lucy is the exact opposite; shy, no confidence, and nerdy. 

After Lisanna breaking up with Natsu, he feels down and depressed. Only Lucy seems to make him smile. Natsu feels like he truly is falling in love with her. Will they fall in love or will they fall apart?

*Original story creator- XoKris10oX 

This is a spin off story from her's. I have her permission to post this story

*Lɨsaռռa աɨʟʟ ċɦaռɢɛ tɦʀօʊɢɦօʊt tɦɛ stօʀʏ *

I seriously hate this bitch.
                              MAN UP LUCY!
                              TAKE LESSONS FROM ELFMAN OR SOMETHING!
krazygurl26 krazygurl26 Aug 17
The only words you said before that were "Hey babe" and I don't think you were addressing Lucy soooooooo you weren't really talking to her
AyeXLevy AyeXLevy May 11
Bitch puh-lease. If Lucy was fine with it I'd kiss her to prove you wrong.
Cold0Prince Cold0Prince Apr 11
And the only kiss you are getting is from your mamas flip flop
lol im th e one hundredth person to give a 'star' to this page
It's fine. Having cuss words in the story only make it better