Is This Right?

Is This Right?

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" Say our names honeywaver!" they said in unison as Jacob plunged two fingers in my juicy core and Robin flicks his tongue over my rock hard nip. I grab on to Jacob's thick jet black hair and moan in pure ecstasy as I feel my third release building in my stomach.

" Just like that Jacob....." I moan as he licks faster making my slit drip more.

" Move brother its my turn to taste her sweetness" Robin says with a sly smirk as he lifts his head from my swollen nipple bud. They switch positions and continue as I lay there taking in every wave of pleasure Robin and Jacob give me. I arch my back to prepare for my big "O" and wait for one that amazing word.

" Cum..." Robin says with a smirk and is if on command I cum all over his face.

Waverly is a 17 year old normal girl who lives in Brooklyn, NY. She has a very clear and simple way of living, Eat, Sleep, and Work. She has no space for boys and love right now she just wants to graduate so she can get her job and help her cancer ridden mother with the bills. She has two brothers, Jacob who is 19 and Robin who is 16. They have always had a close bond, because there was always equality between these three siblings. They never fought because they knew it would be hard for their mother to cope if the didn't get along. They all created a deal that no one sibling was better than the other, they would all treat and be equal to each other. Basically mentally they were all the same age and all had the same title in the family. Being raised by a single mother with cancer was hard so this made it easier on her and made all their lives better all together. Their father left after their mother was diagnosed with cancer and when their mother found out he was molesting Waverly.

One night she wakes up to see something that will change her life forever. 

What does she see? Is it for the better or is it for the worse? Will she be able to handle this given what she is going through and what she has experienced?

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