From Passion To Page; A Guide To Finding Your Voice

From Passion To Page; A Guide To Finding Your Voice

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Olivia Rose By oliviarose85 Updated Jul 27, 2016

I have been asked many a times to critique/edit books. It isn't something I'm opposed to, but I find most writers can help themselves with the basics. The rest is up to the readers or to editors to find. These are tips that I have given, along with info I have compiled throughout the internet. Also available are opinions from fellow Wattpad users on many subjects.

If you think of a topic that you don't already see covered, please let me know. 

There are over one hundred chapters in this book. Because this is a long ass book, I have added stars.

If you see a star on either side of the title of a chapter, this will mean one of three things.

1) It has either a lot of comments or a lot of views.

2) It was a chapter I felt strongly about.

3) It is on a subject I see commonly in the threads. 

If you are not up to reading the whole book, go to the chapter index and look for the stars.

Character Development

Writing The Story

Serious & Not As Serious Topics


Writer Woes

Reader Woes

Acting Professional

Wattpad Resources

My Advice:

Practice proper spelling, capitalization and grammar wherever you are. Yes, the threads are a place where writing can be more relaxed. However, the more you make it a point to write properly, the fewer mistakes you will make when writing your book. Train your mind to be consistent. It will make editing your work much easier. 

Keep in mind my word is not God. Feel free to write a few different types of profiles and share them with a trusted reader and friend.

In most chapters, there are websites to visit which will help you with most any problem you are having with writing.

If you can always find the mistakes in other books, but cannot seem to track down your own, please feel free to check out The Editor's Club.