Possessive | Drake story

Possessive | Drake story

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Possessive: demanding someone's total attention and love

Synonyms: over protective , controlling, dominating , jealous , and clingy

At first he was sweet then he turned into this evil person.....

Copyright © 2015 Msfanfictional September 11th, 2015

Also crazy as hell stupid retarded and disrespectful and described as " that fuxk shix "
belikedestiny belikedestiny 4 days ago
I think you can tell if black people blush when they smile hard then look away and they checks get hot
Aubreyhoe Aubreyhoe Nov 28
This finna be my 1 millionth time rereading this juicy ass story😂
He's like the only person that I will accept that has a girly first name😍 Aubrey Drake Graham😍
addicted-xo addicted-xo Oct 07, 2015
I read through it this morning but I was laying on my side and too lazy to write back. I will like and comment later. I love how its building up. Drake is physco and the girl is so nice and he's just getting worse and worse.
naebian naebian Jul 09, 2015
Drake is fine in that picture lawdy lol. Can't wait to read more!