Possessive | Drake story

Possessive | Drake story

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Possessive: demanding someone's total attention and love

Synonyms: over protective , controlling, dominating , jealous , and clingy

At first he was sweet then he turned into this evil person.....

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MOIST!!!!! I'm fuckng dead asf bruh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bro you trying to square up? Your name is Aubrey, pinche pendejo guey.
lollieta lollieta Sep 19
Drake: Drake. I go by Drake. 
                              Me: Well it's either Daddy or Aubrey. Or both.
unfunction unfunction Aug 15
okay. moist Moist MOIST WTHHH JFCCCCCC ☠️😭☠️😭☠️😭
multifandombloop multifandombloop 6 days ago
I can't stop thinking that if she knows who the weeknd is obv HOW DOES SHE NOT RECOGNIZE AUBREY DRAKE FUCKIN GRAHAM
bhadgirlfreakii bhadgirlfreakii Oct 13, 2016
Also crazy as hell stupid retarded and disrespectful and described as " that fuxk shix "