Food for the Heart

Food for the Heart

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ATHENOS By Athenos Completed

Mia Sanchez lives a simple life—she enjoys her work as a teacher, going to yoga, and spending evenings drinking tea on the porch with her boyfriend of ten years, Ryan. Then one day she comes home to find Ryan packing his things, and her perfectly organized life falls apart.

In a desperate attempt to get Mia out of bed, her best friend Emily arranges for her to spend a week in Greece with her late grandmother’s sister, Elpida Katrakis.

Mia’s never met Elpida, she’s never even been to Greece, but she knows she can’t spend the rest of her life under the covers. So armed with a travel journal, and a promise she made to Emily—to kiss the first Greek man she meets—Mia embarks on what she thinks will be a simple week of getting to know her grandmother’s elderly sister.

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123conrad 123conrad Nov 21, 2017
You are still young darling, in fact this is one of the times you'll look the greatest in your life, so hold up that head in the story. Sounds as if I am speaking to a really person. Lol!
NinjaofLight NinjaofLight Dec 05, 2016
The place reminds me of "Apoto's in Sonic Unleashed". Such a magically, peaceful land... 😍😍😍
                              Ninja of Light Saga
MaryFahey MaryFahey Aug 24, 2016
Love how she changed the recipe to accommodate her friends preferences.
SandraMcdonald0 SandraMcdonald0 Feb 27, 2016
Sounds so good but what is tomatillo salsa? Is it fresh tomato salsa?
gracie1950rogers gracie1950rogers Oct 18, 2016
After 10 years you should have been on your second or third child.
Noma9209 Noma9209 May 18, 2016
Dat jerk took her suitcase too? He needs a punch in the face!