Holding Onto You- josh dun

Holding Onto You- josh dun

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Evelyn Armstrong By eveee_ok Completed

(COMPLETED) • Avery Way is just your average girl. Nothing too special about her, until she finds the one person special to her. But when 1 little mistake causes her to loose that special person, she's not the same.

It's funny how someone can make you feel some kind of way, then when they're gone you're a completely different person.

Ups and downs come her way, but will she pull through? Will she still be holding on?


"You don't know what you have till it's gone"

Ps. The pictures are all screwed up for some reason and idk how to fix it. Sorry

T: "hey."
                              J: "salutations."
                              T: *laughing* "what's that?"
                              J: "salutations?" *laughs* "it means hello."
I'm seeing Tyler and Josh in January! I got VIP General Admission tickets =3 can't wait!! Ahh
@eveee_ok July 5th, best day of my life =3 . I really want to see panic! again but I can't =(