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The Gangleader's Girl (book 1)

The Gangleader's Girl (book 1)

3.8M Reads 110K Votes 42 Part Story
✨ By shawnmendes_magcon Completed

"You don't fit in my world"

"And you don't fit in mine"

Chaos_Dork Chaos_Dork 3 days ago
"Yeah, you got a problem with that....its none of your buisness..... Ever heard of, 'Stop being nosy at people...?'" 😂
cocoly13 cocoly13 Feb 01
Ormerderd  seen that coming but I still had a heart attack 😶😶😶😂😂😂
Okay if I was in this situation I would barge in front of the so called muscular guy, take his dodge ball and wipe out all of the other side with one throw be strong violet
Bìtch watch the fûck out there's a dodge ball aiming straight for your head - no I'm not talking about your "upstairs" head.
somehow i wish she got bullied by him then the guy who saved her life comes along and is Ryan`s gang leader :)
Aayushi44 Aayushi44 Feb 11
Honesty if someone said that to me i would be like who tf u even though it was like 2 seconds ago