His Property

His Property

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"Remember, I saved your life, now you owe me" He reminded me. I wish he'd forgotten.
"Okay, how much do I owe you?" I asked. 
"I have money" he responded. He moved closer and smirked.
"Instead, You're going to be my property, and no one else's" He whispered in my ear. Now I remember why I hate him so much.

Tanya Nix is the school's good girl. She has good friends, nice parents, good grades and a great life.The thing she loves the most is her big sister Kelly who helped Tanya get her driving license by teaching her how to drive, however, she has a dark past that still haunts her to this day.

Dean Lloyd is the school's bad boy. Everyone knows he's a player.The only thing they know about him is that he is extremely fit and extremely gorgeous, but, there is more to him then just his looks and confident personality.

When Tanya finally thinks that her life is back to normal, the school's badboy Dean LIoyd manages to save her life in a series of unwanted events, and in return, he tries to make Tanya his property. But, there was more to Tanya than he realised and he is now doing everything he can to keep her safe, and to prove that she deserves to love someone, hoping that would be him someday.

I have anxiety attacks on a daily basis but I've never really seen anything other than flask backs
I hate fking geography. Its such a boring subject. I even don't need it in my future.
when I have an anxiety attack, I just get loss of breath or my throats feels clogged. sometimes my younger feels swollen, and if it's really bad the walls start to cave in. but I honestly know it's in my head, so I just brush it off.
britttmm britttmm Apr 16
Simply putting "I explained everything that happened" would of done it.
sobersuicidalist sobersuicidalist Sep 26, 2016
Um...not exactly.. actually, I'm almost positive that's not what an anxiety attack is like considering I've had some of my own, and my so have my friends.
allieharrie allieharrie Dec 03, 2016
Technically after being slapped, punched and repeatedly kicked, she was hurt!