Jeff The Killer x Male!Reader!

Jeff The Killer x Male!Reader!

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This story is all over the place, but I'm trying.
So yeah.

Hope you like it!

Amazing cover by ZuriFost02

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TheDumbo TheDumbo Jul 16
Paige's eyes wandered to a certain table...
                              She noticed there was 3 baby wendigos and one 12 year old wearing a bumblebee onsie eating..DOUNUTS AND HOOMANS?!
For all of my Homestuck peeps, it would be cool if he got out at 4:13
HOW DARE YOU well at least the young bit- i mean highness is still real ^~^
maxmadness_ maxmadness_ 5 days ago
Ok for some reason.. when I look at cosplay of Jeff.. I sometimes think of the joker.. "YOU WANNA KNOW HOW I GOT THESE SCARSS?"
Something tells me he is, judging from the title of this story you're in
maxmadness_ maxmadness_ 5 days ago
What?! You can't just randomly and casually say that you're just going to camp out in my house