♕ The Alpha's Shy Mate ♕ *ON HOLD*

♕ The Alpha's Shy Mate ♕ *ON HOLD*

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p e e k a b o o By thebrattychild Updated Jul 26, 2016

Addilyn Faith 
Shy, small, and Innocent.

Alarik Jackson 
Possessive, Dominate, and huge.

Will Addilyn accept Alarik as a Mate? Or will Alarik be rejected?

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DerangedPotterhead DerangedPotterhead Jun 14, 2017
I cringe whenever I read or hear gosh. It sounds so... Unrealistic. Anyone else?
JoJo_jmc JoJo_jmc Oct 03, 2017
That’s almost the same way with me and my best friend, our moms met then became best friends and my best friend is 5 months older than me but that doesn’t change a thing, and we call each others parents mom and dad
Ponya10 Ponya10 Nov 17, 2016
You honestly use i to much at the beginning of a sentence. But great book so far.
RealDreamExplorer RealDreamExplorer Dec 13, 2016
Spacing..... It makes the chapter look more structured, I guess. Ain't hating. #JSTSAYING
brienna0ruby brienna0ruby Aug 07, 2015
Lip gloss+wind or any major head movements= a girl eating her hair