I know what you are...Invader zim x reader

I know what you are...Invader zim x reader

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TheFryLord By TheFryLord Updated Apr 05

You slowly grabbed the other purple iris lens on his other eye, Dib watched your every movement waiting to yell he was correct. You knew Zim was different but you never expected an alien hidden under the poor camaflauge. You pulled off the lens only to be greated with a second non-pupiled ruby eye making contact with yours.

YES THIS IS AN INVADER ZIM X READER. i Sincerely hope you guys enjoy it and yes for those of you who just followed me for my marionette x readers I will keep working on those too. But in the mean time please enjoy this thing that has been begging to escape my mind. 


PhyKoha PhyKoha May 22
Oh no.............. I'm dying aren't I?
                              UGH FINALLY, A DREAM COME TRUE!!
ZeaBae ZeaBae Apr 23
Do they have a Snapchat GO tag?
                              Mom: No..I don't think so
                              *Smash Mouth Ima Believer starts playing for some reason*
Oh thank god...I mean...oh no???
                              Look man, I'm just happy my dog is still alive. He means the world to me, goddammit.
...DID MY DOG DIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Reader~Chan, sweetheart, it seems that you are striving away from my actual personality. I never get in trouble, friend.
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Feb 24
Wait....so my principal called me down.....so my parents could talk to me....because he had nothing to say to me....even though he was the one who called me down to HIS office....so MY parents could inform me of something?