Where Dreams Come True

Where Dreams Come True

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Brittany By rosebud024 Updated Aug 17

Based off C.L. Stone's Ghostbird series

Sang and her boys finally have some time to themselves after a crazy busy few years, their relationship is solid and they need this time. So the boys decide to surprise their girl with a trip. A trip to the one place that everyone should visit as a child. To a place Sang has dreamed about since being introduced to it. A magical place where dreams come true.

I know there's a story out there already (a very good one) about this particular vacation spot with the group, but I love Disney and I wanted to write my own version. Besides, you can never have too much Disney, right? *winks* Also I'm not 100% on the title, but we'll see if it grows on me, or if I decide to change it.

I have no idea how long this story will go on for, and for now I don't have an exact ending in mind right now, so it could be a while. Also, this story isn't angsty, and very much fluff (though some drama might occur, but it shall be resolved quickly, but hopefully not unrealistically). 

I hope not to exhaust out the Disney theme and have it become boring, so if that happens, please let me know. 

I hope you enjoy!

Aaaaaahhhheeeeeeeeeeee! Major girly squeal. I got a sideways look hahaha!
I lllove the way you write the dynamic between the group. It's the best of all ff I've read so far. Such beautiful balance. Everyone is equally crush worthy and I love that their on their own now and everything is happy. Loves loves loves.
This whole part. This whole part! THIS WHOLE PART!!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Brittany!!!!!! It's been almost a year since you started this! I think there should be some major updates to commemorate it.
You wrote this part really good. Love the clearing throat in the background
@rosebud024 Are you picking on Kota for what he did in FK? 😂