The Devil and His Daisy

The Devil and His Daisy

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KMMY G By KMMY_G Updated Jul 20, 2017

"I... Ah... Th-thanks." I said, standing with my bag clutched tightly to my chest. 

"Just watch where you are going next time." He snapped at me before spinning and stalking off down the hallway. 

Well, what an interesting savior he turned out to be. 


Cold. Scary. Evil. Terrible. Horrible. 


These words were all used to describe Nicholas Dumont. 

It was rumored that he killed the last PE teacher because he was forced to run an extra mile.

It was said that you would be set aflame and would be sent to the depths of hell just by looking him in the eye. 

It was heard that he had no soul. 

Now, let's insert the cliché sweetheart of the story:

Abigail Waters. 

With sight worse than a bat and a heart as big as the sky, Abby was the poster child of sweet. She always went out of her way to help others, always putting them before herself. 

It was a pity that some used this against her. 

She was scared into doing homework, shoved into lockers, taunted for her heart, and trampled over for her "weakness". 

Many people looked at the damsel with pity. They sympathized with her as she scrambled to get her books which has been kicked around by her bullies. 

But none tried to help. 

None but the devil himself. 

Some would say she was a diamond in the rough, a gem in a pile of rocks. 

To him, she became more. 

To him, she was the daisy in his web of thorns. 


The Devil and His Daisy
A Wattpad novel by KMMY_G/Kaitlyn G

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NaNa_Is_My_Nickname NaNa_Is_My_Nickname Apr 06, 2017
Lol me. Well not me because i will never kill someone i cry at the littlest things lol. But me as in i dont like running so i shall not run the extra mile.
soccerjess11 soccerjess11 Sep 04, 2017
Once some this big guy in my class pushed me into the lockers
TheManiacsIn TheManiacsIn Jun 10, 2017
I was watching South Park. Cartmen just shouted, "Shut up, dildo!"
Audgi23 Audgi23 Jan 24, 2016
Honestly I normally don't read stories that don't have a lot of parts, but your snippet of the story was amazing. I am very excited for this book!
XSleepingUnicornX XSleepingUnicornX Jan 02, 2016
You know, this is the best description I ever read in my life! You're welcome! (:
                              Oh and happy 2016!
theunknown_violinist theunknown_violinist Jan 02, 2016
I've read every single one of them and I luv them all SOOO much!!!