Manic Attack

Manic Attack

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Monica 'Manic' Knightley is someone every girl turns to when confused. Her column 'Manic Makeovers' in a major fashion magazine is a bible for every female who wears clothes. From getting the perfect eyebrows to wearing the right shoes to your goldfish's funeral, she'll help you through it all. 

      So, when Monica is invited to a prom dance in an elite university upstate, she's expecting some praiseworthy attires. What she isn't expecting, however, is Edward Moseby.

      With his perfectly tailored blue tux, orange tie paired with green Crocs; he thinks he's got it all. Not according to Monica though, the sight of his horrendous ensemble nearly makes her go half bald with anxiety. And when Edward accidentally asks her for a dance, like any other sensible girl, she corners him and rips his tie off.

       Now with Edward taking Monica as a sexually deprived woman and Monica taking him as one of the worst dressed in the history of worst dressed, they're both on a mission to fix each other up.

      A tragic tale of gaudy Crocs, sky-high Jimmy Choos, and everything in between.

[Humor #97 (10/30/'16)]

Super awesome cover by @soundthealarm

RafaGod RafaGod May 11
Loved the description and especially the chapter titles. Looking forward to reading your book😃
I haven't even started to read it but just the book description has got me laughing! I'm excited to read it!!!!!
moisa71 moisa71 Mar 30, 2016
This a very good blurb for your readers to get interested. When I started it felt like the beginning to your before finally I continued to see it was your blurb.
onekick onekick May 02, 2016
Lovely cover that you have there, simple and attractive too. You also got a good summary, an interesting and comical story that add humour in a relaxed and easy going way. 
                              Description is fine, it's loaded and gets to the point.
SweetAngelx SweetAngelx Mar 02, 2016
Stay classy, good picture choice. It fits perfectly.  Very interesting blurb.
_brebabe_ _brebabe_ Feb 02, 2016
I absolutely love this idea and the blurb and the title and cover and well...everything! It's cliche in the cutest way and I can't wait to read it! It has me loving it and I haven't even read the first chapter aha