The Non Cliche Version of How To Get Famous on Wattpad

The Non Cliche Version of How To Get Famous on Wattpad

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You want to get famous on Wattpad? You want reads? You want followers? All without the bullsh*t? You are in the right place. I know there are thousands of guides like this but I promise you this is different. Or as different as it could be this unoriginal world.

This is not your cliche version. This is the new, improved and bullsh*t free and you can get it now for only $0.00! 

**WARNING: If you get easily offended or angry, please do not read. I do not need hate comments.**

xxMESSED_UPxx xxMESSED_UPxx May 04, 2017
That's one of my favorite songs! I was listening to it before I played this and when the same song played, I was like WTF
PinkGlitterbaby PinkGlitterbaby Dec 17, 2017
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                              Title : The Silent War
snoffadai2015 snoffadai2015 Nov 18, 2017
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SueCupid SueCupid Jul 14, 2017
That's what she said... sry, I will guide myself out the door...
Finacamalufet Finacamalufet Jan 23, 2017
Title:Have A Date With A Ghost
                              Just find my name and u will see this story.
MrZeppo MrZeppo Jul 11, 2016
She's not messing around here! She's blunt and direct. And so far, this is the best written guide on audience development I've seen yet.