The Non Cliche Version of How To Get Famous on Wattpad

The Non Cliche Version of How To Get Famous on Wattpad

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You want to get famous on Wattpad? You want reads? You want followers? All without the bullsh*t? You are in the right place. I know there are thousands of guides like this but I promise you this is different. Or as different as it could be this unoriginal world.

This is not your cliche version. This is the new, improved and bullsh*t free and you can get it now for only $0.00! 

**WARNING: If you get easily offended or angry, please do not read. I do not need hate comments.**

    That's one of my favorite songs! I was listening to it before I played this and when the same song played, I was like WTF
    --JoY-- --JoY-- Jun 14
    You can use weheartit as well it's a good app where you can find any kind of pictures you want it's mainly made for that
    -atramento- -atramento- Aug 18
    so based on the WARNING part, i assume its possible to change your username without having to create a different account?  if so, how?  thank you for the advice! :)
    SueCupid SueCupid Jul 14
    That's what she said... sry, I will guide myself out the door...
    Eh I'm too lazy to do that.... I'll stick with my bitchy description.
    Heyyy, guys i just started a book and i would love it if you guys checked it out and maybe gave me some pointers to help me out a bit because I'm very new to Wattpad I'ts called "Let me tell you" i will also read your stories of course.