Twisted Love

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SweetCakes2011 By SweetCakes2011 Updated 4 years ago
Everyone wants a fairy tale love story right? What happens when you get it, but have it tragically taken from you. What if it was one of your best friends who betrayed you? What happens when secrets that should have been buried and forgotten forever, are dug up, remembered, and told? Each relationship shattered by a different person, and each one connected.  Who will come clean, who will deny everything, and who will risk it all. Five best friends. Five relationships. Five heartbreaks. "Twisted Love" doesn't even begin to describe it.....
First off the summary was already pulling me in! after reading it i was like omg this seems so good ! I'm already inlove with you characters and the way you writing is making it hard for me stop :) LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Wow. I love this! :-)
                                    I am not really the type that reads about romance and stuff... But i loved this! :-)
                                    The plot is GORGEOUS :-)
                                    gonna read more later. :-) added to library.
OMG! Im legit smiling and i smiled so hard I'm crying! This was fantastic! Best Friends Honor! No lies. This was great Della! Make moooree!! <3