Demigods + Wizard Tournament = One Amazing Story!

Demigods + Wizard Tournament = One Amazing Story!

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Alex By Total_Day_Dreamer Updated Nov 11, 2015

Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Will travel to Hogwarts to study the wizards and possibly participate in the Wizarding Tournament. Three of the demigods will be students, while one is their teacher. Will this cause some trouble? Will the demigods befriend the Golden Trio or will they butt heads? Read to find out more!

{Not the Triwizard Tournament}

Takes place after BoO and after Deathly Hallows!!!

  • crossover
  • gryffindor
  • harrypotter
  • hufflepuff
  • percabeth
  • percyjackson
  • ravenclaw
  • slytherin
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SCommonSense SCommonSense 5 days ago
There are a few scary things in this world :
                              The feeling of something crawling on you
                              When your phone dies
                              When will spouts medical terms
                              When hedwig died
                              Percy Jackson and The Lightning theif film
sasha_alvarado sasha_alvarado Aug 24, 2017
*laughs hysterically* PERCY JACKSON a TEACHER? *laughs hysterically again*
wolflover36056 wolflover36056 Jul 30, 2016
FINALLY. You remembered that Hogwarts is in Scotland. Bless you.
biggmeche biggmeche Jul 30, 2016
I was saying dam this dam that I was waiting for someone to ask why I said it like that and they never did sad face
ThePhantomMusician ThePhantomMusician Oct 07, 2016
I'm sorry, but this bugs the living Hades out of me, straight is spelled like that, not strait. Not to be one of those people, but it Siriusly bugs me.
PrincessWriter123 PrincessWriter123 Apr 10, 2016
@Total_Day_Dreamer First chapter and we already have a Hoover Dam reference. I'm so proud of you!😉