Popular ▹Jolinsky (boyxboy)

Popular ▹Jolinsky (boyxboy)

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wolfstar  ツ By alifetime Updated 2 days ago

"just tell me ... how could Jack Gilinsky, the most hottest boy in school, turn out gay?"

♂ x ♂ 
  a little jolinsky story ☼

 [ WARNING ] just a heads up this story has maybe strong language and an eating disorder! Please do not read if you don't like that sort of stuff. 

not 100% mine - rightful owner is on YouTube with a series called LPS Popular . Check her out ( SophieGTV ) she's amazing ! ^^

I actually really love her... I know, you may murder me. Write out the plan
FruityCash FruityCash Aug 12
Or... She is just a stupid idiot everyone likes for no reason WAIT.
                              I just described myself.😂
Finally yas!! 2016 jack looks like a rat 1016 madison is on fleek
FruityCash FruityCash Aug 12
Oh that manicken nothing to worry you can snap that stick in half.
I hate maggie and always will!! You should bave used madkson beer bc shes like ... ok 1 out of 10 madison would be a 6! Maggie is a whore and I feel like carter can do WAYYY better than this!!
FruityCash FruityCash Aug 12
She went from 'your son treats me so special' to 'your son and all of his friends treat me so special'