Taking what's his

Taking what's his

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Izzy Bbyy By IzzyBbyy Updated Jul 22, 2015

I saw eyes everywhere. The first natural instinct was to run. I didnt know where to go, because I wasn't familiar with this part of town. I ran and hid in a alley but it was to late...they had already caught up. Stalked and taken away from my family, friends and loved ones. A hand wrapped around my waist and a cloth went over my mouth. The foreign aroma filled my nostrils and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as i fell unconscious. 

I woke up to my head pounding and my wrists numb from losing circulation. I was sitting in a chair with my wrists tied together behind. I had a bandana across my mouth so I couldn't speak or make any sound besides muffling words. 

My feelings were mixed up. I didnt know if I wanted to scream and use all my might to beat against the walls or cry my eyes out and curl into a ball. I need to get out of the place.

I was surround my darkness and 4 slimy gross walls. I did everything I could but it was no use. Whoever tied me up had to have been in boy scou...

  • bdsm
  • kidnapped
  • sexslave
  • stolen
  • submissive
TalisaPino TalisaPino Sep 19, 2017
Why did he go from wearing a towel to removing his boxers and pants?
LoveCourt_220 LoveCourt_220 Dec 18, 2016
You just met him and your having SEX. Damn, your really a hoe😒😒