My Brother's best friends brother (NaLu)

My Brother's best friends brother (NaLu)

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|WARNING| This book and it's sequel were written two years ago so there are many mistakes and chapters that have deleted themselves... my other books that are more up to date are less of a frustrating read.. thank you|

Lucy and Natsu were the best of friends when they were infants. They were inseparable but when Lucys mum died she became depressed and cut all connections with her friend. Lucy and her older brother luke move with their dad to America leaving Japan and Natsu behind. 

Years past that consist of bullying and changing of personalities until one day, Luke becomes fed up of Lucy's behaviour and moves them back to their old house in Japan where Lucy starts to attend FTA (Fairy Tail Academy.)

She starts to realise that everything and everyone she once knew is different and
especially her old best friend, Natsu Dragneel, who seems to not remember her at all.

But what Lucy doesn't know is that Natsu has a reason to his memory loss that has more to do with her than she bargained for.

Feelings will bloom but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

In this complicated NaLu Fan fiction.
(I suck at writing descriptions)

I thought Rave Master right off the bat, but then I read the comments and its like 'Free!' Or 'Assassination Classroom' xD
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I am the only one who thought about Haruka from 'Free!' ? XD
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