Despondency | NALU

Despondency | NALU

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🌙Jєѕѕ αηηє🌙 By SpringTaeKook Completed

|WARNING| This book and it's sequel were written three years ago so there are many mistakes and chapters that have deleted themselves... my other books that are more up to date are less of a frustrating read.. thank you|

❝Let's be as children once more.❞

❝But we're not as naive as children anymore.❞

Love new characters until they get into a ships way. 
                              Example: Lisanna for Nalu WHEN SHE WAS FIRST SHOWN. Now I love that white haired munchkin!
neltarine neltarine Jun 22
Lmao I don't remember this book but last year I already commented on this paragraph xd
iamflour iamflour Jun 03
People in the comments be like omg Haru from RavenTail or another anime while I'm here like, AYYYYYEEE BIGBANG- HARU HARU!!!!!!!!!!!
                              Only true kpoppers will understand.
Gohan0p Gohan0p Dec 20, 2016
Everytime i see this name im sad because i think of Luke from 'The Only Exception'
Oh my God it's Haru from Rave Master. Fun fact: Rave Master was Hiro Mashima's first manga series and when it ended, he started up on Fairy Tail. And he likes to name his main male characters after seasons. Natsu= summer, Haru=spring.
Bluestar920 Bluestar920 Dec 03, 2016
Ok when I see the story title I started sing BFB BFB MY BEST FRIENDS BROTHER IS THE ONE FOR ME!