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The Mage (BxB Story)COMPLETE

The Mage (BxB Story)COMPLETE

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Juliet By 7ShadesOfMe Completed

I look around to see if anyone was watching. It was dark also. I stood there sucking the last bit of my cig and blew the smoke out. The smoke began forming a shape and I smirk as I chanted something. More like in a whisper. A command.

"Move. Listen. Obey." I said after the chant and the smoke formed a shape of a wolf. It was still just a smoke but it was alive and moving.

"Master." It's voice was low and i
t echoed in my ears. The smoke wolf bowed at me dropping his ears in submission.

No one knew.

I was this much of a freak.

A/N: This is a BxB story. Read at your own risk. :)

Miathebrave4 Miathebrave4 Dec 23, 2016
Ah come on dont be a dick just bcs youve got some jelly showing
carlingc carlingc Apr 15, 2016
How are there no comments ?!??!
                              Well I'll start it off, Lucas is soooooooo adorable and a genius and sensitive AND most importantly he has a pet wolf THAT HE SUMMONED. xD 
                              So all in all I just wanted to say I'm in love with this novel ~\(≧▽≦)/~
Jimmywolfj Jimmywolfj Feb 26
I'm literally doing my homework and sneak reading so I don't get in trouble with my parents and this book is so amazingly awseome already and I haven't finished the first chapter so excited!!!!
Miathebrave4 Miathebrave4 Dec 23, 2016
Ok i swear this is the only thing i will correct you on you dont need the hum since u obviously put it right after the dialog. Just: I hummed and rubbed my cheek on the fabic of his shirt. Somehow his muscels tensed a bit but his grip on me didnt loosen.