Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)

Fuck Buddies ~Narry~ (Re-written)

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¿ By issaomfg Updated Apr 16

"I hate you"

"Kinda hard to believe when you fuck me like that"


Harry and Niall have been on each others throats since day one.

If the best way to keep the peace is to fuck then who can stop them?

Love this chapter! Niall just admit you're getting feelings for Harry. We will all understand..:-)
SacroBello SacroBello Jul 24
"Slipped out" 😏😉
                              Brb, gonna go get myself some holy water.
After this are you going to do the sequel as well? Or will that be for a while?
daydreamnarry daydreamnarry Sep 01, 2015
I was so confused because I thought Liam was referring to himself lmao