Dramione why us (veela story)

Dramione why us (veela story)

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Thelostgirl By thelostgirl7 Updated Aug 07

This is a story where the golden trio return for the 7th year and hermione has been chosen to be head girl and malfoy has been chosen to be head boy 

He has changed which made granger fall for him the only problem is the malfoy doesn't know why she chose him over her friends but the Whats making them fall head over heels for each other.

What is the secret malfoy is hiding

Everything except storyline belongs to JK Rowling

Where the hell is your character development? No reasoning for why Ron cheated, no development for Hermione or Draco's relationship. A "fluttering in my heart I've never felt before" is cheesy, this is skipping the entire story for the happy ending.
SparkAlarms SparkAlarms Nov 22
I think its good but just give it more details and then it will perfect
He has grey eyes not blue...and why very fast..?? Why not make it slow and smooth so it would be nice
ummmmmmmmm. this is after the war, right? so fred is dead? then why isnt dumbledore dead
You're to straightforward please give it some time don't rush into it they have to gradjuy come to an nice friendship not so straight forward the details make the story
Phantom315 Phantom315 Feb 08
Since when is Hermione a Veela this story has way to many plot holes srry 😰