"Billionaire Meets The Princess"

"Billionaire Meets The Princess"

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Jamie Lin By Balletdancer20 Updated Jan 14, 2017


"W-What are you doing?". I stammered as the hot stranger leaned towards me.

"Kissing you, of course". With that his soft and luscious kips crashed against my own. His lips moved against mine with such intensity. He caught me off guard when he nibbled on my lower lip, making me gasp and his tongue delved into my mouth. To say at that moment sparks flew between us.

Juliette Princeton had a seemingly perfect life,  the Crowned Princess of England and a certified darling of her country but she has had enough of being the prim and proper princess which everybody including her boyfriend well ex-boyfriend had taken advantage of.

Daniel Anderson is quite the whole package. Handsome,Billionaire, and a certified playboy. He believes that love Is for the weak and he prefers a one night stand kind of relationship.

When they first met, it was like the whole world stopped because well, Juliette didn't really liked Daniel so it wasn't  definitely love at first sight. Throw in  obsessed ex-mistresses and an old secret and you've got yourself a rocky love story.

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Suga_Kookie937 Suga_Kookie937 Jun 25, 2017
Is this Harry Potter all over again? I mean David is Draco and Daniel is ofc Harry.... jk I love it
Love_Aphrodite_Cupid Love_Aphrodite_Cupid Mar 16, 2016
Omg. I love her so much for saying that! That's what u get for messing with the princess of the country. That's totally what I would do. Bless her
MaeKraykray MaeKraykray Jan 18, 2016
A two faced biotch with a seriously history book thick paged face
MaulashreeShanbhag MaulashreeShanbhag Jul 09, 2015
This story is gonna be epic... mark my words, I just know it! Please do go on, I love it so far...❤❤❤
MaulashreeShanbhag MaulashreeShanbhag Jul 09, 2015
Ooh... that was cool... thankfully she's not a upright princess... she's able to defend herself alright, hehe