The Alien Agenda (#Wattys2018)

The Alien Agenda (#Wattys2018)

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Akshu Menon By AkshuMenon Completed

Highest rank in Science Fiction #168
#60 in 'ancient'

Have extraterrestrials been monitoring human progress for thousands of years--at times helping us to advance, and at other times holding us back? Is there really an alien agenda. More importantly is humanity ready to face it?

Sci-Fi lover Laila, makes shocking discovery. 

The ancient astronaut theory is real.

And what's worst, so is the Alien Agenda.

And a potential extraterrestrial invasion. 

As the secret unravels, Laila finds herself treading a path that would either save or destroy mankind forever.

Without much help, she'd have to find a way to stop it or it would mean the end.

With a mysterious clue and a friend by her side will she find a way to save mankind before it's too late?

"If they wanted to let us know about alien interference in human evolution, why didn't they tell us earlier?" 

"Because mankind wasn't ready... and will never be."

WARNING- may contain religious content

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