Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School

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evangomez2004 By evanngomez2004 Updated Nov 06, 2015

Alright, first things first, teenage life sucks.

I kinda just turned 13 and I became a teen. Spring break is on and I kinda bugged Mom to go on holiday at the wrong time. 

"Mom, can we go to California?"

"No, sweetie, we're going to the antique shop."

Alright. The antique shop is REALLY dusty and I wanted to stay at home. But I realized I made a HUGE mistake. Cause something happened that really changed my life...

So one day, I was left at home cause my parents went to the damn antique shop. I texted Rowley to ask him what's up.

Me: Hey dude, wanna come over and play Twisted Wizard 3?

Rolls (Rowley): No, I'm gna go to da cinema to watch Ant Man.

Me: Can I come with you?

Rolls: Nope. Bked seats alrdy.

So I hung up with nothin much to do except snack and play vid games. Then somebody rang the doorbell. I was lazy so I waited for them to stop it and go away. That happened and I realized that Mom wasn't home. I found a note on the door which said:

Greg, we r back from the shop. ...

geegeemo geegeemo 3 days ago
Hi girls or guys .I am new here let me just Tell you about me. My name is Chioma I am turning 8 on July 27 . I am in standard four. I am a girl.And I just wanna say that.... was great!!!!! Thank you
AmariahVincent6 AmariahVincent6 Dec 14, 2016
Why is damn used so much in the story?  The real ones don't use those kinds of words, because it's somewhat inappropriate for certain readers.
anthonyabraham1 anthonyabraham1 Jul 25, 2016
what the heck.. such a fake book :) dont read this people lmao
kingjr710 kingjr710 Feb 06, 2016
Ok this is inappropriate. Maybe kids are reading this. Some parents say that cursing is for people that have less intellect. So we should be ashamed of our selfs for cursing so i say this. Stop cursing
_coffee_trash_ _coffee_trash_ Nov 19, 2016
This is not cussing. Jeez u guys r idiots. This book it better than the original👍🏻
Really really an intreasting book ... I am a fan of the wompy kid