daddy's little princess // h.s (slow updates)

daddy's little princess // h.s (slow updates)

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Daddy? Yes. I call my boyfriend daddy. I know it's some form of bdsm, but I'm not a lifestyle person myself. Just in the bed. -Blake Taylor. 


Harry Styles daddy kink story, do not read on if you don't like large age gaps or daddy kink. 

For Chloe bc I know you have an obsession with daddy kink lol

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Wait am I the only one who read "thirsty"
                               instead of 
Nightdreamer8 Nightdreamer8 Jul 03, 2017
This is so unreal but I'd love if it happens to me 🤷🏼‍♀️ can't help it
imuhoran imuhoran Jul 20, 2016
I KNEW IT LOL WHO else it would have been gosh i'm so stupid
xLukeHemmocx xLukeHemmocx Mar 02, 2017
That's funny to me because Blake is a unisex name and I can image him saying that to a guy😂😂😂
imuhoran imuhoran Jul 20, 2016
this was like the best smut i have ever read and that's a lot bc i read so much smut lol
mzgilinsky mzgilinsky Nov 01, 2016
They seem like a million bucks right here while I'm just a saggy old dollar bill you found in your couch cushion💀