My Best Friend's Brother [book one]

My Best Friend's Brother [book one]

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Riley Moore is a geek who isn't noticed by anyone besides her best friend and her best friend's brother. Riley had developed a massive crush on Preston Cooper, and eventually, she just can't resist thinking about him. The problem was - did he feel the same way?

* * * 

P.S. This was one of my first stories on Wattpad, and I've made a new and improved version of this; so if this is the kind of book you want to read, I'd recommend you read the other one. (The second book is about Riley's daughter.)

meandyou39 meandyou39 Jun 10
Don't u think that wuz a lil fast. I mean it's only the 1st chapter
I understand that... I get chewed out if I make a B in any class... It's ridiculous
I got straight Fs last year 😂💁🏼 this year I am lucky to at least have As and Bs 😭😭😭👌🏻
My dad takes my iPod if I get a B. Sometimes a low A. So I understand
I just need an A in math. That's a B+ everything else is an A or A+ (except gym, but I'm not counting that)
Ebizzle123 Ebizzle123 Oct 18, 2015
I can't believe her dad got mad for an A and not an A*, I'm just happy if I get C or above haha, loved this chapter! :)