Project Fake Baby

Project Fake Baby

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Who Cares By xX_Who-cares_Xx Updated Nov 29

"Fucking baby, always fucking crying"

"Don't you talk about George like that or I swear"
Fraya Night is having a rough time in life.  Her dad is abusive, her best friend left her, and she is depressed and suicidal. 
Maybe she just needs a hero to save her day.

After getting stuck with the dangerous quite bad boy.
 In a class that seems loves partner projects.
she has another rough patch in life.

Ashton is simply fucked up.  Going from foster home to foster home can mess you up.
Getting stuck with a freak in a class he didn't even want is just another thing to add to the list. 

 And with the fucking fake baby from home ect.
Will the fake baby bring two strangers togather?  Will he try to help her?  Will she try to help him?  Will she fall in love with him?  Or will she fall for his best friend? Am I just asking questions to get you to read this book?
If you give this book a chance then thank you sooooooooooooooo much

SimCat8 SimCat8 Aug 27
My favorite song woud have to be "Closer" by: The Chainsmokers ( ft. Hasley ) or "The Ocean" by: Mike Perry !
😂😂😂 she a damn good actress!!!  Well either that or they are just plain old stupid... well either way she is amazing!!!!
lovexsophie lovexsophie Aug 26
I really like this chapter... Keep it up! Though I hope seb isn't the male lead
😂😂😂😂 he will so get some!!!
                              Some ass kicking!!!!!
anita_newto anita_newto Aug 25
My favourite songs are days are numbered by BVB and the strays by SWS