My Undiscovered Mate (please accept me!) boyxboy

My Undiscovered Mate (please accept me!) boyxboy

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Deathgoddess kimiko - sama By IbeMyzzLove Completed

This story revolves around a were boy named Hayden and his family. and his quest for true happiness. 

After coming out to his parents that he was gay life was never the same for him. shunned by most of his family and pact. and was told to keep his mouth shut about telling anyone else that he was gay. And is hated by both his father and brother the most. max is utterly disgusted with his brother and has no prob showing it. when Hayden came out that just added more fuel to the fire.

But what happens when the demon moon pact comes for a friendly visit. and found out that his mate is not only the alpha of the demon pact but also his brother Max's best friend Zeke. 

Will Zeke accept Hayden ? what will max do when he finds out that his disgusting brother Hayden is mated to his hidden crush? will things go well for the couple or will everything go down hill?

PuceIIe PuceIIe Dec 07, 2016
I already love that guy 😂
                              Best friemd you could ever have 😄😂
inrx95 inrx95 Jun 28, 2016
i hope that he is nice not like that bitch who named max 🐸☕️
Alyssa62703 Alyssa62703 Jan 08
O sweet baby Jesus that boy is all kinds of fine hot damn!!!😍😍😍
fang_gurl03 fang_gurl03 Dec 04, 2016
For future reference you need to use "" when you write dialog, or it becomes kinda hard to distinguish speaking and thoughts. Just a heads up!😊