Started with a Meet & Greet [K.L.]

Started with a Meet & Greet [K.L.]

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I seen her. She was a few people back, but she stood out to me. She was the only one in this moment I noticed. There was just something about her that's driving my heart insane. She got closer, and then disappeared. 

"She's gone." I whispered to myself. I dashed away from the fans that surrounded my table. I seen her, she was being drug away by a women. I ran, hurrying to catch her, I wrapped my hand around her wrist.

"Let her go." Her face lite up, but the women's fell. Her grip loosened, I jerked her away and wrapped my arms around her tiny waist. 

"I've got you." I whispered in her ear. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and let out a small, quiet thanks. I walked her back to my table and sat her down. 

"I'm back." I smiled and acted like nothing ever happened. I stared back at her and smiled.

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