Teen Wolf Smut [Slow Updates]

Teen Wolf Smut [Slow Updates]

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Creepy Pasta Junkie By 1-800-Jaeger Updated Nov 23

Just some Teen Wolf smut including:








& maybe a young Peter/Derek as well

(Cause I don't like Peter hale at all)

(Request are closed as of now because my summer isn't going to good)

You both were looking at each other and you watched him rake his fingers through his hair.You suddenly felt like you were going/gonna cave in until you thought of a plan.
So to add to the pleasure he was giving you,he moaned making/causing your area/womanhood/lady part vibrate.Which sent/pushed you over the edge causing you to release your juices.
He said while moving as fast as he can/could.You then/both reached your climax together.
You groaned as you felt yourself about to release /big time.
~He said while pounding into you faster 
                              ~he said as he started pounding into faster
Stiles says while walking away with Scott,leaving you and Theo be.