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Arianna By bieberspoetry Updated Mar 22, 2017

"I could feel his ego screaming at me; how attracted I became."

when successful business entrepreneur Justin Bieber attends Medical Student Ariana Grande' Fathers Charity event, he wins her in an auction. 

When he gets her home he washes away his sweet façade and shows her just how naughty he can be under the professional silk of his black Armani suit. 

But when he can't control his anger anymore, when the sex object he once saw turns into a somebody, a somebody he loves... things go downhill. 

You can't stay friends with benefits forever.

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Emma_Petersen_Bieber Emma_Petersen_Bieber Nov 27, 2017
Can you please repeat that? So I can understand you? Stop talking like that... it’s wired
“You’ve managed to break my snobby facade. I hope to be speaking to you less informal as we grow closer”
                              you have got rid of my snobbiness. I hope to be talking to you more slang as we become mates.
fangirl_AYYE fangirl_AYYE Nov 14, 2017
U cocky son of a bitch *falls down* HELP IVE FALLEN IN LOVE AND I CANT GET UP im so corny
maybe people don’t understand the word snobby, it means like someone from Chelsea in England!
Emma_Petersen_Bieber Emma_Petersen_Bieber Nov 27, 2017
He just wants sex... but yeah whatever? He is rich, handsome, smart, has chicken legs and a good taste in clothes.. so yeah I would fück him too🤷🏼‍♀️
Emma_Petersen_Bieber Emma_Petersen_Bieber Nov 27, 2017
Justin has chicken legs and he’s not tall at all so maybe you should try somewhere else!
                               And I mean it!
                               Don’t steal my man! 
                              You wanna fight about it?
                              That’s what I thought!