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Arianna By bieberspoetry Updated Mar 22

"I could feel his ego screaming at me; how attracted I became."

when successful business entrepreneur Justin Bieber attends Medical Student Ariana Grande' Fathers Charity event, he wins her in an auction. 

When he gets her home he washes away his sweet façade and shows her just how naughty he can be under the professional silk of his black Armani suit. 

But when he can't control his anger anymore, when the sex object he once saw turns into a somebody, a somebody he loves... things go downhill. 

You can't stay friends with benefits forever.

i used a lie detector to find the lie in this sentence but i couldnt find any :(
bluebyrdies bluebyrdies Mar 22
Wait but didnt she just say she dont like people pressuring her??
whoscamila whoscamila Sep 10
How are people so descriptive with "sex" lmfao . Most people who write fanfics are like 9 😂. (I'm not saying this person is 9. Lol don't come for me!)
Real life Justin can barely spell words so imagine him talking like this, lol 😅