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adopted by 5sos | l.h.

adopted by 5sos | l.h.

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shaynah By sweetheartcal Completed

"why do you wear a lot of bracelets?"

"fashion I guess." 

people outside thought emma's life was perfect. she would always be smiling and laughing. little did they know her smile was fake and that she spent every day crying and cutting. when she gets adopted by 5 seconds of summer will they make her life happy or just make it hard with all the hate?


- completed on august 26, 2015 - 

. lowercase intended .

fivesauseroos fivesauseroos Oct 04, 2016
Hun I'll tell you one thing. They don't turn into good memories. You just either get used to the memories or you get used to surviving them
ashakitten4 ashakitten4 Oct 16, 2016
Ash you can't swear!! U have to yell at the others not to swear
VielkaErisey VielkaErisey Oct 29, 2016
                              Person: Who's Calum?
                              Also me:The Asian one
StrongerThenILook StrongerThenILook Dec 31, 2016
'Hey, no swearing!' Remember that buddy? Huh? I don't think so.
this is kinda like me but with my grandpa who died from cancer... i was always yelling at him and i hate myself for doing that i would give up everything to change what i did... all he did was try to help me but i was stupid and told him off
XxAngel-HoodxX XxAngel-HoodxX Jul 22, 2016
Everybody's got their demons, even wide awake or dreamin. I'm the one who ends up leavin, make it okay