adopted by 5sos | l.h.

adopted by 5sos | l.h.

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shaynah By sweetheartcal Completed

"why do you wear a lot of bracelets?"

"fashion I guess." 

people outside thought emma's life was perfect. she would always be smiling and laughing. little did they know her smile was fake and that she spent every day crying and cutting. when she gets adopted by 5 seconds of summer will they make her life happy or just make it hard with all the hate?


- completed on august 26, 2015 - 

. lowercase intended .

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notesandpaint notesandpaint May 03, 2017
I always enjoy getting compliments they can really make my day
one_man_army one_man_army May 20, 2017
I hate to be this way, but I think you mean "acknowledges" rather than "analogies"
parislover230 parislover230 Aug 26, 2017
Sameeeee but I was 10 and me and my brother were home alone when she had a heart attack she couldn't talk she went into a coma I always thought shed be fine but she had another heart attack while in a coma something went wrong with her heart and she died
IdelifulUnknown IdelifulUnknown Sep 06, 2017
Dude. I went mute after my grandmother left back in October, my parents didn't understand and the only person that did was at private school (my sis) But she came back over the summer and kinda, brought me out and talked about it. I'm still mostly mute, I only ever speak to her
AlexaIvet AlexaIvet Nov 14, 2017
                              Me siento orgullosa de entender todo con solo 13....
                              La historia es sería....
DonutLove748 DonutLove748 Aug 22, 2017
This is just like me my mother died in a coma when I was young too 😭😪😢😥